The Palms

Make your way to a sun-dappled beach through lotus-filled ponds and a lush green blanket of swaying palms. Watch the waves dance gently by and let yourself be lulled to sleep as nature, in her perfect harmony, croons soft melodies of distant birds resplendent under brilliant blue skies and of waves softly lapping the shore. Open your eyes only long enough to contemplate the heady sight of nothing but miles of beach stretching far, far out. Bliss? It is a way of life at The Palms in the sunny south coast of Sri Lanka – our teardrop-shaped paradise isle or as the Persians aptly called us in days gone by, “Serendib”.

Check In Time : 12:00 noon
Check Out Time : 11:00 am

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Experience Rooms

Featuring idyllic ocean views, these rooms offer an intimate oasis with private terrace, stylish interiors and attached bathroom.

The Palms Moragalla, Beruwala, Sri Lanka