A time of intimacy, romance and passion. A time to begin an exciting new chapter in your life, making new memories side by side with the one who completes you. A honeymoon in Sri Lanka is all this and more and is made even more special on an enchanting island such as this. Sunshine Travels & Tours offers tailor-made honeymoon packages that set the stage for an incredible journey of discovery, taking you across this exotic isle where love is truly in the air.

Our unique honeymoon packages include simple touches like a complimentary gift for the couple along with a range of other benefits as well; from receiving flowers on arrival to Champagne in your room and romantic candlelit dinners to rejuvenating spa and massage treatments that will have your senses tingling with delight.

Designed to suit the kind of honeymoon that you and your partner desire, we give couples a chance to get away to a wide variety of destinations, each with something unique to offer. Walk hand in hand, barefoot on soft sandy beaches as the setting sun paints the sky in crimson and the wind caresses your skin. Explore ancient ruins and temples seemingly lost in time echoing the grandeur of kingdoms long ago and enjoy the excitement of a safari adventure, deep in the heart of the jungle teeming with wildlife. Step into a new world, sharing something as old as time itself; the language of love.

Culture Tour

The island of Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of culture and history home to many UNESCO world...

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